Artificial feeding

There are many reasons why a kitten has to be fed or fed.

A cat dies during childbirth, abandons kittens, there are a lot of problems with cesarean section, there is no milk, there are a lot of kittens and everyone is missing, stronger ones repel those who are weaker, etc.


In the vast majority of cases, kittens are reluctant to suck a pacifier and have to use syringes and stomach tubes for feeding.


This time we have a child who is so great well done that he eats with great appetite! :)



We use Royal Canin milk.

The tubes have a bottle and 3 nipples. Nipples need to try everything, because there are defective ones, from which milk does not pour.


The nipples are marked with numbers 1, 2, 3.

Not everyone knows about this, somehow the rotation of the nipple in relation to the kitten regulates the flow of milk from the bottle. The effort required for exhaustion or the volume of supply (I do not fully understand what it is), but it seems to be important for the numbers to correspond to the age. If I turn the nipple on the wrong side - it spits and turns away, I remember, I turn it as it should - it sticks in ...


The smallest kittens start with the number 1 and you need to hold the bottle so that the number on the nipple is facing the person (in the instructions on the lid of the tube about it somewhere is written).

The numbers are visible only in good light in the clearance.


It’s not easy to make the kitten stick to the nipple; any help is useful here. There are no fools working in Kazakhstan, they won’t do anything extra :)






Treat your pet with a complex for cats, we will try to help :)


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