The error came out))

Found some kind of stuffing in the freezer.

Maybe from cabbage rolls left, maybe from stuffed peppers, I don’t remember.

Made spaghetti sauce.

Have dinner, delicious.


It turned out a lot, one more time is enough.


The smell is just somehow unusual. Not to say that it’s bad, no, it’s quite meaty, but unusual ...



After dinner, from laziness, they began to recall from what is the remains of minced meat?


It would be better not to remember ...


These are our cats a month ago who were malnourished their food, she stood the night on the floor and we put it in the freezer, so that later we could digest it or give it to the dogs ...)))


Now we think - to eat up?

It seems to have turned out well ...






Treat your pet with a complex for cats, we will try to help :)


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