Furniture for cats.
We brought home some joy and happiness to one more cat last weekend :) This amazing five months old oriental cat has a place now where he can splash energy while he’s alone at home. I would like to tell you how everything was going…
Oriental has got cats’ furniture. Kitten’s joy. Furniture workshop for cats CatAvatar. Furniture for cats. House for a cat. House for a cat. Complexes for cats.
Furniture for cats is always better, if you know the story of who you are doing it for. Especially if the kitty itself and her room are 1500 kilometers away from you ...
Cat's House in Moscow apartment
We made cat furniture cat and a cat in a city apartment. The project is very interesting, it's not always the owners have the opportunity at the stage of finishing the apartment provide facilities tailed family. Next - a short story about this project.
Ориентальные котята питомника Аватар.
To accustom oriental kittens to adult food is a real punishment. The teeth are sharp as needles, stubbornness rolls over, there is no though (well-fed and milk tastes better). But at the same time with punctured biting fingers there are many, many positiv
Ориентальные кошки нашего питомника любят смотреть телевизор с нами.
Our oriental cats love to watch TV with us :)
Niusia we fanatical mother. She loves everything related to pregnancy, birth and babies. To business always comes very responsibly. With tum goes frugally and without haste, about childbirth warned in advance so that we have time to prepare, mom is very c
Ориентальные кошки и котята питомника Аватар
It happens that one picture and a signature to it is a whole finished story that does not need explanation. Here it seems to me this photo is one of those))
Питомник ориентальных кошек в Москве. Купить ориентального котёнка.Ориентальные кошки. Ориентальный котёнок. Истории о кошках. Фото ориентальных кошек.
Spring has come - love has come! ;)
Ориентальные кошки. Купить ориентального котёнка. Питомник ориентальных кошек в Москве. Кошки просят кушать.
There are photos that do not need comments ... :)
Дружба кошек. Питомник ориентальных кошек в Москве. Купить котёнка.Истории и фотографии о жизни кошек.
People would like that, everyone ...


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