Kitten’s joy

We brought home some joy and happiness to one more cat last weekend :)

This amazing five months old oriental cat has a place now where he can splash energy while he’s alone at home.

I would like to tell you how everything was going…


Oriental has got cats’ furniture


All begun with a letter.

A customer has seen one of our works at the house of this oriental’s owner and decided to write me.

In the letter was a story about cats in that house and their habits.  There were also some attached photos and general wishes.

So we started a conversation :)


Furniture for cats.


I adore watching computer visualization, 3D graphics and other graphical stuff.

However this kind of a work could take me a lot of time and ruin all the creative process. I has grown up in a rural art-studio, so I prefer a usual pencil :)

Though I envy those people who can do it fast and easy, I draw a sketch on the paper. It seems clear to me and does not distract from the main things :)


The sketch of cats’ furniture. Furniture for cats.


The making in terms of a technological cycle takes too much time.


This is not a serial manufacture, everything is handmade consequently and with compelled pauses.

For instance, when it is serial, you might take a list of plywood, scald it and bend it under the press – 500 identical details are ready just after one day…

When it is manual manufacture, it takes 2-3 days to bend one detail qualitatively. The same concerns gluing and painting.


Billets for cats’ furniture. Furniture for cats.


By the way, cats’ furniture can’t be serial as it takes into account all the individual features of the striped crawler.

Somebody likes jumping, somebody not. Somebody likes climbing columns, somebody’s deft, somebody’s falling from the settee… :)

Also, there are different places in different houses for the constructions. All the specifications could be taken into account individually :)


After several weeks everything was done and last weekend it was mounted.

That’s how it looks now… :)

As you can see, we’ve created a new system of fasteners for our climbing construction. Now it can be mounted without any brackets, but more reliably.


Furniture for cats.


I’ve hesitated for that moment about taking photos (that’ what I regret so far), that’s why there are only few details on photos with general plans.


This is the most favorite element of all cats – the curved shelf.

When I was designing it, it seemed to be so attractive for cats that, for instance, in our nursery somebody always lies there.

You can see on our website, the shelf suits for five tails at once! Don’t know actually, maybe the curve is so cozy, maybe the dimensions are so comfortable. Maybe because it is handmade with love to cats… :)


Furniture for cats.


Orientals are very curious and like taking part in family live.

That is why we were to close our boy in other room for the time of installation. A boy wasn’t very happy…


The learning started: “What has appeared here when I was absent?”

… It’s time to smell everything!


Furniture for cats.


…And to climb higher everywhere!


Furniture for cats.


…Wow! It’s a nest here!


Furniture for cats.


…I can see all the apartment around!


Furniture for cats.


…It’s possible to come down at the same way up, or to jump straight to the shelf.

The old cat-matron has reflected in the mirror. She is 13 years old now and she doesn’t seem to run at stairs as a teen.


She came up, observed, smelled and moved away.

She postponed learning on later, when strangers will have moved away (it’s me with an assistant) so it could be possible to exclude the rush.

Our 14 years old did the same in her time, however, the climbing construction is her favorite place now :)


Furniture for cats.


A kitten liked the shelf.

He will exactly lye there when we add a soft rug :)


Furniture for cats.


…From the shelf back to the wall.


Furniture for cats.


…And downstairs.


Furniture for cats.


…And upstairs after…up and down many times!

It’s much more interesting than jumping on the cupboard or running through all the apartment :)


Furniture for cats.


The cats’ furniture ideally suits the apartment’s interior and looks pretty good.

The apartment was renovated so the exterior of the construction was very important.


Of course, we pay attention to the comfort and safety of the users, however, cats are just cats, and they live in our apartments (though they think vice versa))). That’s why the owners’ comfort is in the first place: access to electricity sockets, housecleaning, design – everything is important :)


Furniture for cats.


To conclude, I would like to say that I’m pretty satisfied with my work. The customer has also liked it :)

The users are happy and that’s the most important point! :)


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